Welcome to Braine-le-Comte, sports town !

We are more than pleased and honoured to see the town of Braine-le-Comte hosting the Coarse Angling World Championship on the international venue of the Plan Incliné of Ronquières.

Our town supports sport and all kind of sports. By this championship, held in a brilliant manner by the Sport Fishing Federation of Senne, we endow a new international event, whereas we are known all over Europe as home town of Eden Hazard, future gold ball for football.

I invite you to visit our region, to discover the Plan Incliné of Ronquières, the old canal Charleroi-Bruxelles, the Houssière wood, the region of Castels…we have many assets to show.

Naturally, I wish you a successful championship and I strongly thank all forces who voluntarily make this championship - Wallonia! - become true.

Let the best win!

Maxime DAYE
Mayor of Braine-le-Comte

It is a huge honour for me, in quality of Mayor of Ecaussinnes, to be the representative of one of the towns that will host this 64th Coarse Angling World Championship for Nations on the banks of the Canal Charleroi-Bruxelles, a competition that will meet together the biggest specialists in the world for this discipline.

My pleasure is also raised by the fact that Wallonia has not been hosting such important event for about 60 years. This will not rejuvenate us, but it was 1958 in Huy when, not only our national team won the gold medal in the nations classification, but also our compatriot, Jean Garriot, obtained the title of World champion in the individual ranking.

So far we rely upon the huge quality of our team attempting to renew this result on our lands (or under our eyes), which look like they bring us lucky! Although this goal is far from being easy to reach in consideration of the high level of our rivals…

I wish to congratulate all the same all the organisers as well as the many volunteers of this event, without whom we would not be in condition of enjoying any organisation here.

Good luck to everybody, let the best win the competition and go Belgium!!!

Mayor of Ecaussinnes

Welcome to Braine-le-Comte !

It is a honour for me to welcome, on my name and on behalf of the Belgian Federation of Anglers (B.F.A.), all national delegations, who will attend this 64th Coarse Angling World Championship for Nations, which will take place nearby the Plan Incliné de Ronquières, on the banks of the canal Charleroi - Brussels, from 4 to 10 of September 2017.

This central region of our little Belgium holds all elements for seducing the teams' members and their companions: nature, beauty, hospitality, conviviality and, the most important,…a water surface full of fishes!

This organisation could not be possible without the aid of local and regional authorities as well as of all administrators and public services, without forgetting the small army of volunteers, who works hard free from charge.
I wish to thank them now!

The quality of prior events organised in Belgium is unanimously recognized and appreciated. Moreover, this championship has not been taking place in Wallonia since 1958, in Huy. We do not want, neither we want, to fail our reputation, hence we have once more set up anything that is deemed necessary to give this top competition the dimension it deserves. Your satisfaction is our reward.

I rely on you and look forward to meeting you in September.

Do not be late!

The President
Jean-Marie Luyckx

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